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Parent Portal

Percy Baxter School, along with other schools within Northern Gateway, is currently participating in a pilot to improve the way we report student progress to parents and guardians. Traditionally, we have issued a report card three times a year with grade information and comments. However, through our participation in this pilot, we will be utilizing technology to provide parents with more detailed information, more frequently on their child’s progress.

As part of the pilot, we are making the transition away from printed report cards issued at the end of the term, and giving parents current, regular, online access. The progress report that your child is bringing home today is not the traditional report card. As part of this transition, you are receiving a Progress Report. It is a quick snapshot of your child’s progress. It is intended to serve as a conversation starter that will lead to more detailed information, including teacher comments, being accessed through the online parent portal and through direct communication with the teacher.

This printed report will report on core subjects only. (Language Arts, Math, Social and Science). Through the parent portal, parents will also be able to view their child’s progress in option classes (CTF classes, Physical Education, Health, Drama, Art and French).

The parent portal will be open for parents to start to view on December 9 at 3:00PM. If you have not signed up for the portal we urge you to do so. Letters have been sent home with progress reports for parents outlining how you can access the secure online parent portal. We are also willing  to assist parents in signing up for the portal at the school. Please drop by the office and staff will provide parents with any needed support. As well, we will have a laptop set up in the office so that parents and guardians can access the portal at the school, should they need/want to.  Parents that wish to continue receiving printed copies of student progress reports (including those that outline progress in option classes) should advise the school and we will be happy to print those for you at any time. Please be aware, however, that printed copies of reports do not contain the detailed information that is available online through the parent portal.  The parent portal is best accessed online, whether on a computer or personal device.  The link that follows includes a detailed video created by NGPS Learning Services and provides step-by-step instructions on accessing and using the online parent portal program.

Parent Portal Video (Click Here)

It is our hope that this new way of communicating student progress to parents will provide parents and students with valuable, timely information. However, we want all parents to understand that this is a pilot. There are still “bugs” and “glitches” to be worked out. We appreciate both your patience and feedback as we work to “iron these out”.  

While our way of reporting is changing, please be assured we remain committed to providing quality instruction and assessment that leads to success for all Percy Baxter students!

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