Team for Success

Team for Success

What is the Team for Success?

The Team for Success is one of thirty eight Provincial projects that comprise the Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative (MHCB) which is led by Alberta Health Services in collaboration with Alberta Education, and funded through grants from Alberta Health and Wellness.

The purpose of the initiative is to establish projects that provide the staffing and support required to implement an integrated, school-based community mental health promotion, prevention, and, early intervention program. The projects are locally planned, coordinated and implemented in partnership with school jurisdictions, parents, community agencies, and other regional service providers.

For more information, please contact, Teagan Arnott, Team for Success Project Coordinator at 780-262-0466.

What does the Team for Success Do?

Our programs build the capacity of ALL students, staff and families in the areas of mental health awareness, coping skills and positive social behaviors. Some areas of focus include: Anxiety and stress reduction Anger management and bullying Self esteem and self efficacy Resiliency/peer pressure Positive relationships and social skills Wellness—hygiene, nutrition, physical activity, etc.