Complementary Courses

"Options" 2020-2021


Elective, or complementary, courses at Percy Baxter Middle School include a  series of courses intended to complement the educational processes established in the core courses. 

The goals and objectives of these courses are the same as core courses, and can vary according to the particular needs of our school.

There are a number of Elective Courses that play a significant role in our school and in our program.


 Option Courses

Grade 6

Art, Health, CTF: Computers, CTF: Project Science, Literacy, Band

Grade 7

Art, Band, Drama, Computers, Photography, Project Science, Foods, Fashion Studies, Recreation Management, Outdoor Education, Construction, French, , Fitness, Forensic Science

Grade 8

Art, Band, Drama, Computing Science, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Project Science, Fashion Studies, Foods, Recreational Management, Outdoor Education, Construction, French, Sign Language, Film Studies

Registration will now take place through the Parent Portal login of PowerSchool.  Letters explaining the process have been sent home, but you can also access them here.  

Grade 7 Option Selection 

Grade 8 Option Selection